We had a blast today! We finally are allowed  to announce we have been selected to participate in the CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

We got invited today to Amsterdam where the CEO of CTA, Garry Shapiro and Prince Constantijn for StartupDelta, were there to present us (and all the others on the bilboard below) to the press and the rest of the world.

We are reallly looking forward to the opportunity to show what our game controller can do and what we achieved in the last 2 years.


More info coming up ofcourse and some exciting pictures of the newly modelled PO!NT controller, so keep checking here or sign up for our Newsletter!

It has been quiet here lately, we know! This however only means we are working very hard and have developed some more cool things we will show off in the very near future. But before that we will have a very very very cool announcement to make! 

We can't unveil it just quite yet so you just have to keep posted and we will surely will be revealing more details in the coming weeks, or instead sign up for our Newsletter to stay in touch with all the latest updates an venues.



Stay tuned!


Thanks everybody for your trust who ordered a limited edition PO!NT Controller already, you will be the first to receive our controller as soon as the first batch is ready! 

We will be opening the webshop again when we have  less limited editions and more pheripherals to offer so be sure to keep checking back


Maybe you noticed our website being really slow last week. There have been some issues with our provider which we finally managed to sort by switching servers. 

We had some panic moment but got everything up and running again. This was the general face expression this week:


Please don't hesitate to put some stress on the server by visiting a lot! We will be updating some more coming days and get you a whole new timeline on when to expect to play with the PO!NT controller.

The Tree team

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