Back from Reality

First of all, it was a blast! 3 Days of games, gaming and gamers at The Reality, and ofcourse not to forget the PO!NT Controllers first real live open beta test.

It was sometimes hard to get our booth guys to hand over the controllers to the visitors because they where having too much fun themselves but despite of that we had a lot of people trying out the controller. The responses varied from great to awsome, and no, that is no exeggeration ;)

The accuracy proofed itself on Overwatch where it showed you can actually keep up competing against mouse/keyboard with some practice. And it was great to see how different the approach in usage was among different players. This also gives us great input and new features just like we hoped this event would give. And when people came back to give it a second go, it really made us smile. 



We want to thank the organisation and visitors of The Reality for the great event they created, the guys over at HuloTech for even pulling some allnighters to get the controllers ready and ofcourse the guys of the Milkstream Community for being cool dudes who play well!

Oh, and before I forget, GamersNet made a very cool video on the controller, and my wrinkly face :)

We are working on implementing a Gallery to show some pics of the event and the controller, so stay tuned for that!




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