Yes, we are going to do a public beta-test, but a kinda closed one at the same time...

From the 23 till 25 September you can see and try the PO!NT Controller at The Reality, which is one of Europe biggest LAN Events in Assen (Netherlands). Not only will you get a chance to play with our controller during the daytime; in the evenings the guys over at the Milkstream Community will be organizing a little competition with as grand prize: a PO!NT Controller.

So we hope to see you in Assen in September, or else check out the streams of the event of which the details will be provided later next week.

Yay, it was a little extra work to get everything implemented but we think we finally can set the website to "live". There might be still some bugs or mistranslations but we will figure those out as we go along, and see what you encounter. We also opened the webshop where you can pre-order the PO!NT controller right now with a big discount, depending on if you choose to do a down payment or not. We expect to launch the controller Q1 next year and the first thousand will be delivered to the people who pre-ordered immediatly then.


The pictures in the webshop are the previous models, the renders on the frontpage though should give you a good impression of the new moddeling, thanks to YOUR feedback.

We hope you enjoy the new site and join our Forums or maybe become an Ambassador even!

If you just want to be kept on speed about the latest developments, you can also subscribe to our Newsletter, no registration required.

After working hard on both the latest version of the PO!NT controller and on the new website, we are finally live again! On the frontpage you can see the early renders of the new layout. We figured we wanted to make it look a bit more retro, after listening to what you as a gamer want while containing all the functions we envisioned from the start. 

Not all website functions are working yet, although we are hoping to implement those over the coming weeks. Some will be some blatently empty pages probably for the time being since we don't offer career oppurtunities or investment info (yet!). Be sure to keep your eyes on those though, cause this will change in time, especially the career opportunities.

We are planning to get some guest bloggers posting here as well. Both people from the industry and gamers. If that is something for you, just give us a hollar


For a first blog post, not too shabby I think, enjoy the new site but more important, enjoy our controller! 

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