In this weeks "To the PO!NT with.." we will not be showing fast paced action and accuracy, but instead we want you to imagine playing a game like Civilization with our controller in the most relaxed and aergonomic way possible. Preferably with your feet on your desk ;)

In this weeks "To the POINT with" we will be showing some gameplay on Overwatch (PC). Apart from showing the accuracy on kills we also want to demonstrate some of the fluent movement. 

We will be playing several classes to show the power of the PO!NT controller on public servers competing against mouse/keyboard players.

And mind you: the PO!NT controller does not use nor needs any aim assist!


We will be recording some gameplay with the PO!NT Controller weekly. Showing different games and different genres.

This week we are kicking off  "To the PO!NT with..."  with CS: Source on PC.  You will see some sniper action with bots. 

We also did some sessions on public servers but unfortunately the "picture in picture" failed so we will re-do that soon and post it here as well! 

And, yes...we forgot to assign a "jump" key while recording this part.


Music: BoxCat Games - Epic Song

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Now, go go, hurry!

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