Are you ready for a new era in gaming?

We are introducing the accuracy of mouse and keyboard to a game controller in the most modular way possible!

And much more...

Po!nt Controller

The Po!nt Game Controller is the latest revolution in Game Controllers. Not only did we make revolutionary changes to how a controller looks and feels, but we did a total, 180 degrees overhaul of any game controller out there!

The patented Po!nt Controller is unique in its features:

  • We are bringing the accuracy of the mouse and keyboard to a controller for absolute aim and movement.

But there is more...

  • We are making the controller modular. Where you as a gamer can choose out of a range of Po!nt plates (baseplates), which all consist of a different layout. Therefore, we can adapt the controller to the latest games and hardware and provide an optimized gaming experience.

But it does not end here....

  • We are aiming to provide modular connection interfaces as well, with battery pack, so you can hook it up to consoles, PC and, hey, why not even your drone.


Sofar we managed to be compatible with PC, SteamboxOS, Android and VR! Next up are the consoles, which might actually take some more time.


We have come a long way, the biggest hurdles are taken and we are now looking at the basic thing, which ofcourse are still a challenge

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